The Crime Prevention Association of New Brunswick Inc. established the Hall of Fame Award in 1996 to recognize the commitment of individuals, communities, and organizations who have made significant contributions in the creation of safer communities. 
The Association encourages the involvement of the corporate sector, municipalities, police and commissions, provincial government and the general public in the promotion of crime prevention. 
Community safety is important to us all. We would like to encourage the continued participation and contributions made in your community. With the knowledge you have of your community, please take a moment to consider those you feel are making a significant contribution.


  • must be a resident of New Brunswick or a New Brunswick based organization (For-profit, non-profit, or volunteer)

  • must have ave actively contributed energy, time, talent, resources or support to the planning, implementation, maintenance, enhancement or promotion of crime prevention and safe communities for a minimum of 5 years

  • must have succeeded in rallying support (especially volunteer support) in establishing and maintaining community crime prevention activities that improve the quality of life

  • must not be a member of Parliament, the Senate or a member of the Hall of Fame Committee