The purpose of CPANB is to promote and support organizations that are creating safer communities and taking actions to prevent crime in New Brunswick. 

CPANB is a non-profit association that has members across the province. Members include other non-profit organizations, like local crime prevention committees, Block Parents and Neighborhood Watches, the John Howard Society and the YMCA, protection services like municipal police forces and the RCMP, government departments including the Department of Public Safety, Health and Wellness, Family and Community services, individuals and businesses. 

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The Crime Prevention Association of New Brunswick was an idea that originated with the New Brunswick Police Commission in 1987. CPANB became incorporated as a non-profit organization in October 1994. CPANB has grown to include members from all ages and sectors including teachers, health promoters, community leaders, social development practitioners, police officers, social workers, lawyers and correctional officers who advocate and promote social development and personal safety for all New Brunswickers.


Create safer communities by reducing crime opportunities through public awareness and education.


  • Help mobilize communities

  • Promote effective crime prevention strategies

  • Encourage collaboration

  • Support crime prevention through social development

  • Reduce crime opportunities through public awareness and education.

President's Report

Linda Patterson, President

During the past year CPANB has continued to work on our website and Facebook page to make sure there is current information posted. We have linked to many like minded programs or organizations to promote their work in Crime Prevention.


Our telemarketing campaign was very successful and a booklet on the topic of Domestic Abuse featuring Love Shouldn't Hurt material was produced and distributed to our board and our benefactors.


We continued with our grant process and are pleased to announce the following received funding from CPANB:

Love Shouldn't Hurt, who received $10 000 that is being used to assist program Champions across the province. The cheque for the donation was presented at the Crime Prevention Awards Luncheon in Novemeber. 

$10 000 from our campaign is then put towards smaller projects who apply for funding. We are always open to receiving applications. The criteria can be found on our website. 

Those who received funding this past year are: Chipman Youth Centre - CYC Summer Program, Woodstock PARTY program, Kennebecasis Regional Police to assist with a colouring book, and Pathways to Education which took vulnerable youth on a canoe trip. 

CPANB is pleased to be cost sharing with the Department of Public Safety for a staff person who supports the Love Shouldn't Hurt campaign and assists our board in day-to-day CPANB work, such as the website and Facebook, which is very important in ensuring the public is aware of what is going on with CPANB. She also carries out special projects such as the awards luncheon and the recent Atlantic Conference we held in Saint John. We are very pleased to have Autumn Locke with us. 

Speaking of the conference, we co-hosted the 29th Crime Prevention Conference with the Atlantic Community Safety Association, the Province of New Brunswick, UNB Saint John, Department of Criminology, the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies and the John Howard Society. Our conference was attended by over 150 stakeholders and professionals. Attendees heard presentations from just under 40 individuals on topics including research in policing, youth justice, culturally responsive approaches in policing, mental illness, family violence, policing, Truth and Reconciliation, probation and cannabis legislation. 

CPANB remains a valuable member of New Brunswick's Roundtable on Crime and Public Safety and a member of the Board of Trustees Endowed Chair in Criminology and Criminal Justice at St. Thomas university. 

I would like to recognize and thank the executive and the board for their dedication to the Association and look forward to 2019. 


Linda Patterson



Linda Patterson - Oromocto (Chair)
Melanie Dingee - Perth Andover (Vice Chair)

Rhonda Stairs - Fredericton (Secretary)
Sebastien Lee - Quispamsis (Treasurer)
Les Drost - Saint John
Eugene Belliveau - Quispamsis 

Marc Beaupré - Tracadie 

Paul Lang - Bouctouche

Michael Bamford - Fredericton

Bob Stranach - Fredericton (Advisor)

Susan Reid - Fredericton (Advisor)

Stephanie Sanford - Fredericton (Advisor)

Autumn Locke - Fredericton (Staff)

Rachelle Wilby - Fredericton (Staff)