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Fenety Marketing Campaign

May 2021


The Crime Prevention Association of New Brunswick is sponsoring our annual telephone appeal in the province.  Funds are being raised to publish another Family Violence Awareness Booklet, to help educate and promote the public’s role in identifying and reporting potential family violence.


Business representatives are being asked to purchase advertisements and private citizens are being asked to contribute, as well.


Funds raised will allow us to make this unique community publication available throughout the province.


Proceeds raised from this special project will be used by the Crime Prevention Association of New Brunswick to support community crime prevention and safety programs, including a $10,000 donation to New Brunswick’s Transition House Associations and $10,000 in grants to support local crime prevention projects across New Brunswick.


For further information please contact the campaign office at 1-800-561-4422.


The Crime Prevention Association of New Brunswick features a number of flagship events in order to foster networking and share best practices among participants. The events include (but are not limited to) the CPANB Annual Conference, the CPANB Awards Luncheon. The CPANB is also a primary organizing partner for the Atlantic Coordinating Committee on Crime Prevention and Community Safety.

June 2023 

Fenety Marketing Campaign 

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Crime Prevention Awards Luncheon

FREDERICTON (GNB) – Individuals and organizations from across the province received certificates and awards for their efforts in support of crime prevention initiatives at the annual luncheon hosted by the Crime Prevention Association of New Brunswick.

“We appreciate each of the 2019 recipients for their tireless efforts to prevent and reduce crime in our communities,” said Public Safety Minister Carl Urquhart. “We are working together for a safe, secure New Brunswick.”

The following received Department of Public Safety Certificates of Recognition:

  • Allan Macgregor and Steven George of the Rothesay Canadian Tire;

  • Changing Directions case managers Nathalie Belliveau and Judy Young (Moncton Probation Office), and Nadia Sisk and Myriam Lachapelle (Miramichi Probation Office);

  • Hana Coughlan;

  • Dean Roberts of Millennium Cycle;

  • Sgt. David Hartley-Brown, Cst. Don Metcalfe, Cst. Duane Squires, Cst. Cory Jamieson of the Saint John Police Force and partners of Saint John Crime Reduction Team:

    • Megan Donovan;

    • Steve Butler, Doaa Higazy, Mohamed Bagha, Jennifer Carhart

    • Mary LeSage, Samantha Wentzell, Heather Chase, Randy Hatfield and Kent Ross;

    • Joyce Nickerson on behalf of MADD Saint John

  • Shara Munn, Crown prosecutor, Saint John;

  • Cst. Shawn Toner, Kennebacasis Regional Police Force.

Two other awards were presented at the luncheon:

  • Hall of Fame award to Sgt. Robert Bruce of the Miramichi Police Force;

  • Business Excellence award to Dipu Rahman, Steve Kelley and Bruce Macmillan of the Rothesay Atlantic Superstore (as one award).

Nominations for awards and certificates are accepted in September of each year. More information is available online.

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01 August 2019

FREDERICTON (GNB)--The provincial government announced today the details of New Brunswick's Gun and Gang Violence Action Fund. This project is made possible through funding from the federal government, which has allocated more than $2.7 million over give years through its Initiative to Take Action Against Gun and Gang Violence. 

"We are taking action to protect families and communities," said Public Safety Minister Carl Urquhart. "We are doing that by complementing the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Strategy. Using the evidence that we collect, a strategic plan will be implemented that will aim to address the underlying reasons for gang violence."

The objective of the fund is to support law enforcement, crime prevention and intervention initiatives within the province. This funding will be used to support police services and other organizations in their efforts to prevent gun and gang violence, while increasing awareness and understanding of related issues. 

"There are many factors associated with gun and gang violence. Having spent a career in law enforcement, I know we cannot arrest our way out of the problem," said federal Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction Minister Bill Blair. "Understanding the causes specific to the community is key to reaching young people who may be vulnerable to joining gangs, and to giving youth a safe and secure way to leave gangs and build a strong future."

The provincial government's five-year plan on gun and gang violence complements its Crime Prevention and Reduction Strategy and Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Strategy. It will focus on better understanding the nature of gun and gang violence in New Brunswick, and, through collaboration with partners and stakeholders, an evidence-based strategic plan will be developed. The plan will aim to address existing, emerging and underlying gun and gang violence and related issues through knowledge development, prevention, intervention and suppression activities. 

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